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Gulag Study
The latest Gulag Study is posted on the DPMO website at

Further, the site contains all 5 of the Joint Commission's reports dating
from 2001. Enjoy your “light reading” as this is truly amazing information
regarding the fate of American Prisoners of War from WWII, Korea, the Cold
War and the Vietnam War!

Saturday 02/12/2005 22:58

We're Going to Win the War in Vietnam - by Don Bendell

Drowning in Cambodia by Thomas Lipscomb

Vets Against Kerry Celebrate in DC Too

Leaders of prominent "527" military service veterans groups, film producers, Websites and authors who made substantial contributions to the veterans revolt against Senator John Kerry's 2004 Presidential bid were honored by their supporters at an "Un-augural" reception at the National Press Club Thursday.

In case anybody needs reminding of what a JERK John F. Kerry is, read THIS - the guy goes to Bagdhad, and addresses the troops, completely trashing Bush. Unbelievable!!!


Read it here - the BOSTON MANIFESTO

Yes, We are Still Around - the new look and feel isn't complete, yet.

Blame a very busy job, the holidays, and a couple of unexpected house guests -

the flu and bronchitis.

We defeated John Kerry for the presidency. But we have not eliminated him from the Federal Government. The next couple of years will be devoted to THAT effort.


trea·son ( plural trea·sons ) noun

1. betrayal of country: violation of the allegiance owed by a person to his or her own country, for example, by aiding an enemy. See also high treason
2. treachery: betrayal or disloyalty
3. act of betrayal: an act of betrayal or disloyalty

  [12th century. Via Anglo-Norman treisoun , “treacherous handing over, betrayal,” from the Latin stem tradition- , from tradere , “to hand over” (source of English traitor , betrayal , and tradition ).]


We see that John Kerry has betrayed his country in many ways - the Winter Soldier investigation (lies), subsequent testimony to congress, throwing "his" medals/ribbons away, meeting with an enemy government while a US Naval Officer, providing aid and comfort to the enemy during time of war, abandoning POWs and MIAs to an enemy government for personal and family gain despite evidence of live sightings, and others. The new site will be organized along these lines - we no longer care as much about his service in VietNam - it is not the issue any longer. The issue is removing Mr. Kerry from all facets of public life, and pursuing a conviction for treasonous actions.

The new site will be organized around the above topics. Please stay tuned.

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