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A few weeks ago we started an all volunteer grass roots campaign to break the news blackout by the liberal news media and Kerry campaign to hide Kerry's book, "The New Soldier", from the American public. The cover of his book alone is revolting and disgraceful. John Kerry flies the American flag upside down and mocks the heroes of the WW II battle at Iwo Jima.This book is the foundation for Kerry's anti-military activities and anti-military votes in the US Senate.

If President Bush had written a book such as this he would have never been elected as Governor of Texas, President of the United States or to any office in America.

We have come up with a flyer to break this news blackout. So far we have many volunteers distributing the flyer all across America. Please give us a hand in this effort.

Many people who listen to talk radio, surf the internet, etc. may have heard of this book. That's maybe 10% of 200 million+ eligible voters. It's the other 90%+ who we have to reach.

We have found in our door to door outings that an overwhelming majority of people have no idea this book, so disrespecting of America and our men and women of the US Military, exists and was written by John Kerry. Two days ago I was going door to door up here in Ft. Collins when the next door neighbor came over to ask me about the flyer I was talking about. This person had a Kerry sign in his front yard. It turns out that he was a veteran from the Korean War. He accepted a flyer and told me that he would at least consider it. On my way to work tonight I found myself driving down the same street to visit another person who wasn't home the other night... and what do you know, he had replaced his Kerry sign with a Bush sign!!! In subsequent door-to-door outings I've had two more Kerry signs replaced with Bush ones and twelve Kerry signs removed by the homeowner. That's out of just over 400 people I've talked to in person.

Right now we have people nationwide going door-to-door with this flyer. We want to get that to a number where every household in every precinct in our country receives a copy.

Please give us a hand in this old-fashioned grass roots campaign to inform everyone in America. If you can add our website as a link on your web site and/or email your contact list informing them of our site that would be great.

We are a group of track and field athletes (and wives and girl friends) here in Boulder, Colorado.

thanks, Tony - from Boulder, Colorado

Sons and Daughters of American Veterans

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