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II am making a few basic assumptions about you, the reader.

  1. You are an American Citizen
  2. You love your country.
  3. You will be voting on Tuesday.
  4. You want to make your vote an INFORMED one.

I would like to share with you what I have learned about one of our candidates for president of this great country. This candidate is Senator John Kerry. These are things that I have learned in the past 3 months of research. I started putting this website together in early August, to help bring the truth to America.

Almost every one of these items ALONE would be enough reason to disqualify Mr. Kerry for your vote. I would put forth to you that all of those listed makes a choice for Mr. Kerry disgraceful. Please follow the links, and read the articles. You owe it to your country.

I am going to go down the list in the manner of a timeline – please bear with me. I have lots of wonderful information to share with you!

John Kerry was a student at Yale. His classmates had a very definite opinion of him.

His anti-war sentiment was widely known by his classmates, and he used a commencement address to criticize President Johnson's war strategies.

He tried to get a draft deferment for an additional year to study in France, but the draft board turned him down. After that, although he'd like the American people to believe he enlisted directly into the US Navy, he actually enlisted in the Naval Reserves, so that he stood a good chance at avoiding combat.

When he graduated from Officer Training School (or whatever it is actually called), he asked for an assignment near Vietnam, where he could avoid combat. This resulted in a year's tour as an Electrical Officer on the USS Gridley.

Kerry's resume, however, did not yet contain any combat experience. As one with political ambitions, he needed combat in his resume. Hence John Kerry volunteered for Swift Boat duty, at the time a relatively safe combat duty. Swift Boats were operating under operation MARKET TIME and performed coastal patrol. (this paragraph is from

Kerry received his first Purple Heart as a result of some shrapnel from an M-79 fired by Kerry himself, wth no enemy fire involved. His commanding officer turned it down, but Lt. Kerry pursued the medal, and somehow got it awarded.

He spend Christmas in Cambodia, or so he said, till he got caught in yet another lie, and had his campaign get him out of it.

The mission of Swift Boats was changed to the very dangerous river patrol mission, much to Kerry's surprise. This was far more dangerous work than Lt. Kerry wished to perform, so after receiving 2 more Purple Hearts (without significant wounds requiring treatment or hospitalization), Lt. Kerry was sent home. Before leaving, he was awarded a Bronze star under questionable circumstances, and a Silver star with V (a medal that does not exist).

His commanding officer was delighted to see him go. “When he got his third Purple Heart, three of us told him to leave. We knew how the system worked and we didn't want him in Coastal Division 11. Kerry didn't manipulate the system, we did.” Thomas Wright was one of John F. Kerry's fellow Swift boat officers in Vietnam.

When he left with his home movies of “re-enacted”, fictitious combat scenes featuring Lt. Kerry, his last line to his buddies was "That's a wrap. See you at the convention in about 35 years."

When he got home, while serving as an Admiral's aide, he was participating in anti-war demonstrations, while still on active duty. This is in direct violation of the UCMJ –;read=56438

Then we have the times so well publicized –

The Winter Soldier Investigations, where many people gathered together to tell stories of atrocities committed in Vietnam. Many people in that room have since been proven to never set foot within Vietnam.

The infamous testimony to Congress, where he lied about ALL Vietnam vets, which has not yet been forgiven – and never will be.

PDF file available here

And on the debate with John O'Neill on the Dick Cavett show, Mr. Kerry stated that he, too committed atrocities.

excerpt from transcript

“ MR. CAVETT: Well, let's talk about that. Did you see war crimes committed and –

MR. KERRY: Well, I have often talked about this subject. I personally didn't see personal atrocities in the sense that I saw somebody cut a head off or something like that. However, I did take part in free fire zones and I did take part in harassment interdiction fire. I did take part in search-and-destroy missions in which the houses of noncombatants were burned to the ground . And all of these, I find out later on, these acts are contrary to the Hague and Geneva Conventions and to the laws of warfare. So in that sense, anybody who took part in those, if you carry out the applications of the Nuremberg principles, is in fact guilty.”

Following the testimony, Mr. Kerry's words were used to torture our POWs in captivity in Vietnam. For many of them, their incarceration was lengthened several years because of Kerry's actions.

And then later, after he began his run for the presidency, Kerry denied ever accusing the veterans of war crimes!!!

The book – “New Soldier” was written. The cover alone is enough to make any REAL American sick – the parody of “Iwo Jima”, with the American Flag upside down is disgusting.

Kerry edited his congressional testimony for the book – lying even back then.

Most recently, he has not allowed the book to be reprinted, and has tried to shut down websites distributing pdf files of the book.

Kerry and his group operated as a shill for Hanoi – doing exactly their bidding in leading the Anti-war movement

And the VVAW gave information to the KGB – knowingly.

Sounds like a spy to me. What do you think?

And, during meetings of the VVAW, assassination of current senators who were pro-war was discussed. Although Kerry resigned shortly after this, he was present at the meeting and did nothing. The report comes from FBI files, which he will not release:

This is called seditious activity.

Mr. Kerry and some of his VVAW associates met with the North Vietnamese government twice in Paris. This was PRIOR to Lt. Kerry's first discharge, dated 1978. Therefore, he was an officer of the United States Naval Reserve. This activity is called treason.

Mr. Kerry did such a good job of it, he's honored in the NORTH VIETNAMESE COMMUNIST MUSEUM!!!


There are lots of questions surrounding Kerry's military discharge. In any case, it appears that the “first” discharge (the real one, in most people's eyes), was something less than honorable.

According to General Giap, head of the North Vietnamese Army, Kerry's group VVAW helped Hanoi Defeat the U.S.

General Giap still feels this way:

By Christina Toh-Pantin HANOI (Reuters) - Twenty-nine years after the end of the Vietnam war, communist military mastermind General Vo Nguyen Giap remains grateful to the Americans who opposed it.

The Vietnam War, known in Vietnam as the American War, has become a hot issue in the U.S. presidential race with Democrat John Kerry drawing attention to his service and President Bush's Republicans disparaging Kerry's later anti-war stand.

"I would like to thank them," the 93-year-old veteran said on Friday of those Americans who opposed the war.

Giap was speaking during a two-hour interview with foreign and domestic media on the 29th anniversary of the fall of Saigon, capital of the then U.S.-backed South Vietnam, that marked the end of the war.

Since America lost the Vietnam War, Kerry has done little of note. Some of those things, however, deserve your attention.

How about in 1994, when Kerry said that it was OK for American troops to die in UN actions, but not in US sponsored actions? That is despicable.

The Killing Fields of Cambodia would not have been allowed to happen if America had won the war. We lost the war because of John Kerry and his group. Therefore, the Killing Fields would not have happened without John Kerry.

When America fights a war, one of the biggest reassurances to our guys is that NO MAN WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. John Kerry sold out our Prisoners of War and Missing in Action in favor of Trade Relations with Vietnam. Why?

Evidence showing live sightings of our guys was destroyed.

Central highlands of Vietnam – thousands of Montegnard tribesmen are being slaughtered yearly by the Communist Vietnamese government. Their crimes? Helping American troops when we were there, and being Christian. See conclusion above…

Kerrys' campaign was scared to death that Stolen Honor would be shown. Intimidation, threats, and lawsuits to Sinclair Publishing stopped them from their planned broadcast, but they didn't count on the Internet. While trying to stifle the showing of Stolen Honor, the campaign threatened the broadcaster with “you better hope we don't win.”

If you've gotten this far, hopefully you've learned a few things.

I'm not going to waste your time discussing those things that have happened since the start of the campaign. They are readily available. Except for the following:

Kerry is running for president of the United States with full endorsement of the American Communist Party.

Please – remember this:




Sandy Raddue

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